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Kagyar Cleric [Apr. 25th, 2016|01:39 am]

Latest art for Mystara Handbook. Dwarven cleric of Kagyar, patron of the dwarves. Typical dwarven deity, only with a heavy focus on anti-magic. Heavy armor, axe, and hammer proficiencies, loses turn undead while gaining ability to dispel magic and increase saving throws against magic.
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Ethengar Horse Warrior [Apr. 18th, 2016|12:53 pm]
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Mystara Player's Handbook back on track! [Apr. 1st, 2016|04:35 pm]
Getting new art, so crossing things off the to do list!!! First up, Hin Master

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Another countdown post [Feb. 15th, 2016|01:19 am]
Seems I'm using LJ more and more as a reminder of things left to do. Well it's perfect for the roll and maybe somebody wants to help contribute so here's hoping. Have these pieces of art left for the Mystara Player's Handbook. Once I get that done get it properly formatted and wait to see if WOTC lifts the ban on all non-Forgotten Realms related stuff for their download site. Right now its a fan effort as I don't own the copyright on any of this. But they have hinted to lose all the filler art. Until I get a steady job it's all on notes now.


*4. Order of the Griffon: Eastern European Knight/Hussar
5. Privateer: Obvious
6. Rake: Fancy dressed fantasy thief/con man
7. Shamani: Medicine Man
8. Spirit Shaman: Mongolian cleric, animal based costume. Will send example pic if needed.
9. Toa Makai: Maori warrior
10. Treekeeper: Elf Wizard/Druid.
11. Weapon Master: Swordsman, preferred to be based off classic Morgan Ironwolf character.
12. Wokani: non-human wilderness sorceror
13. Diplomat: Renaissance dressed noble
14. Energy Domain: Cleric with wisps of fire or electricity surrounding them.
15. Entropy Domain: evil cleric, death/decay theme
16. Matter Domain: Heavily armored cleric, stone or metal theme.
17. Thought Domain: cleric with books or other 'smart' themed items.
18. Time Domain: cleric with a surreal look, almost reality warping.
19. Magic Craft Filler: Wizard performing unusual magic, like turning into dragon, summoning elemental or making voodoo doll etc.
20. Spell Filler: Wizard casting impressive spell.
21. Tool Filler: Blacksmith or similar crafting new item or magical device
22. Gallowglass: Scottish warrior, stereotypical
23. Merchant Prince: Sea wizard on a ship. Very nicely dressed.
25. Front Page: Hopefully Epic
26. Places Chapter: Full page magical area from Mystara
27. Magic library: Probably from Glantri
28. Bad Place: From one of the places listed on that page.
29. Minrothad/Shadow Elves: Side by side image of both of the capitol cities there.
30. Tavern: Rowdy party at a tavern
31. Coins: Piles of various coins
32. Races and Heroes: Full page image of an adventuring party
*33. Races of Mystara: Line up of the major races, minus half elf/ork, dragonkin and tiefling plus the four new Mystaran races.
34. Aleena: Filler, Aleena from the red box adventure
35. Weapon board: Half page of various types of weapons from the lands
36. Immortals and Priests: Big giant temple
37. Spells and Runes: Full page wizard performing experiments or alchemy
38: Heldannic Knight: Full plated germanic looking knight
39. Nordic Magic: Norse rune reader at work
40. Goods and Services: Rival merchants arguing across and a street. Full page.
41. Great Markets: Busy merchant street, featuring both featured shops from handbook
42. Karameikos: Romanian
43. Ylaruam: Arab (m)
44. Glantri: Spanish Elf, Renaissance Italian and French noble together (v)
45. Ierendi: Polynesian
46. Alfheim: Elf (f)
47. Rockhome: Dwarf
48. Northern Reaches: Viking
49. Five Shires: Halfling (m)
50. Minrothad: Sailor Wizard
51. Orcs of Thar: Orc
52. Darokin: Renaissance Merchant
53. Ethengar: Mongol (m)
54. Shadow Elf: Non-Shaman Shadow Elf (m)
55. Atruaghin: American Indian (f)
56. Serraine: Gnomish pilot
57. Troubleshooter: Rogue type with lots of picks/saws/tools on hand.
58. Alphatia: Wizard with black hair and blue tinted skin
59. Thyatis: Byzantine-Roman
60. Bounty Hunter: Any race/sex, sinister looking
61. God #1
62. God #2
63. God #3
64. God #4
65. God #5
66. Glantri Magic #1
67. Glantri Magic #2
68. Glantri Magic #3
69. God #7
70. God #8
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Sing Along With the Old Ones [Jan. 3rd, 2016|01:42 pm]
Are you ready kids?
Tekeli li!
I can't hear you...
Who lives in lost R'lyeh under the sea?
Great Cthulhu!
Slumbering and green and hungry is he!
Great Cthulhu!
If madness and chanting sounds really like fun ...
Great Cthulhu!
Then let's help summon the greatest Old One!
Great Cthulhu!
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2376-2400 [Dec. 30th, 2015|11:41 am]
2376.  The Dwarven work ethic is not just "Dig until we hit evil."
2377.  When granted a wish use it to unsink the continent the immortals just destroyed.
2378.  When making a wish granted by said immortals, I will leave out the words "you incompetent pricks."
2379.  Can't just use a wish to turn Strahd back to a human.
2380.  No weaponizing the Talisman of Pure Good.
2381.  Just because they can't be the target of raise dead spells doesn't mean elves have no soul.
2382.  In the middle of a black ops can't organize a skeet shoot with office furniture.
2383.  When challenging Death to a game, GMing Paranoia doesn't grant immortality.
2384.  Raise Dead spells are not just for closers.
2385.  Doesn't matter where you hit him, you can't set a bard to shuffle.
2386.  There is no such thing as gnomeophobia.
2387.  I will not give anybody an unreasonable fear of gnomes.
2388.  No matter how high my damage resistance is, I can't name my dwarf Tanky McTankitytank.
2389.  Despite the ridiculously short lifespans, 3rd level doesn't count as epic level for Atruaghins.
2390.  The plan is not just let the villain beat on the dwarf until his arm gets tired.
2391.  If I'm the druid I can't put protestant down as my religion.
2392.  The teleporting spiders attacking us are not just going through a phase.
2393.  The natural enemy of the elf is not the common cold.
2394.  No wasting wishes trying to bring ultravision back to the game.
2395.  No picking the only form of travel the DM isn't familiar with.
2396.  Traveling by sculling is nowhere near as cool as it sounds.
2397.  Any character named Jim Katta is going to be taken from me and burned.
2398.  The Fereldan rules of succession are not just "Two men enter, one man leaves."
2399.  When looking for a template to make a creature deadlier, "Australian" is not a legitimate choice.
2400.  Just because I have the technology, doesn't mean I need to make him better.
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Suggested new Oscar awards [Dec. 28th, 2015|03:35 pm]
Best picture that people actually enjoyed.

Best foreign film seen by more people than just the critics.

Best actor not portraying someone gay, disabled or British.

Best actress in her 40's.

Best trailer that convinced people to watch an absolute trainwreck of a movie.

Best character actor you couldn't pick out of a police line up.  (Nominees include that old guy with more film credits than the rest of the cast combined, the actress you will immediately google to see if she's done nude scenes, the guy that's already been in five movies this year, and Mark Fichtner.)

Best Gary Oldman performance that should have easily been nominated for Best actor except it's Gary Oldman and he makes everybody look bad so fuck him.

Best non-sequel, remake, reboot, rehash, or adaptation.
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Rey's Song [Dec. 20th, 2015|09:31 pm]
Saw Star Wars, was a decent movie, wasn't as good as the first ones.  It was action packed, and had some funny moments. There wasn't an original idea in the entire movie however, and I really didn't care for Rey.  I shall explain my problems with her in the most appropriate way possible, Disney lyrics.

No one's skilled as Rey Sloane
No one's smart as Rey Sloane
No one pilots starships like Rey Sloane
While we hesitate to call her a Mary
No one can match her at all
Just ask any Han, Luke or Chewie
And they will tell you she's a paragon!

No one's teaches Rey Sloane
Learns the Force like Rey Sloane
No one fights like Rey Sloane
Fixes the Falcon like Rey Sloane
With a lightsaber nobody's a natch like Rey Sloan!
For there's no one as naturally adept
As you see, I don't need a teacher
Nothing for her is to irksome!.
That's right!  That's why Disney made made me the feature!

No one climbs like Rey Sloane
Withstands torture like Rey Sloane
In a firefight  nobody blasts like Rey Sloane

I'm especially good with no training! Pew Pew!
The Force is with Rey Sloane!
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Starting to look a lot like syphilis [Dec. 15th, 2015|10:36 am]
So job's gone, been looking for work but this being Christmas and Houston's economy hitting the skids it doesn't look good.  Applied to over 200 jobs, so far only three interviews that were really jobs. 
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Brian Blessed's typing lessons [Nov. 8th, 2015|09:28 pm]
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