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Sorting [Jul. 15th, 2016|02:05 pm]
The art is almost all paid for, so sorting what I have in what category.

6. Rake: Fancy dressed fantasy thief/con man. Sidhe male with fencing weapon.
7. Shamani: Medicine Man
8. Spirit Shaman: Mongolian cleric, animal based costume. Will send example pic if needed. LV
10. Treekeeper: Elf Wizard/Druid.
11. Weapon Master: Heavily armored gnome with a war pick. J
22. Gallowglass: Scottish warrior, Scottish terrier lupin LV
23. Merchant Prince: Sea wizard on a ship. Very nicely dressed. LV
66. Fire Mage: Tortle creating halo of fire above head.
38: Heldannic Knight: Full plated germanic looking knight. J

61. Korotuko LM
62. Thanatos LM
63. Al-Khalim LM
64. Danel Tigerstripes LM
65. Zirchev LM
15. Entropy Domain: evil cleric, death/decay theme LM
16. Matter Domain: Heavily armored cleric, stone or metal theme. LM
17. Thought Domain: cleric with books or other 'smart' themed items. LM
18. Time Domain: cleric with a surreal look, almost reality warping. LM

19. Magic Craft Filler: Wizard performing unusual magic, like turning into dragon, summoning elemental or making voodoo doll etc.
20. Spell Filler: Wizard casting impressive spell.
21. Tool Filler: Blacksmith or similar crafting new item or magical device
67. Bottom of Races
68. Bottom of Holidays
31. Coins: Piles of various coins. K

39. Nordic Magic: Norse rune reader at work M
41. Great Markets: Busy merchant street, featuring both featured shops from handbook. G
30. Tavern: Rowdy party at a tavern.

42. Karameikos: Romanian (f) L
43. Ylaruam: Arab (m) L
44. Glantri: Spanish Elf, Renaissance Italian and French noble together (v) L
45. Ierendi: Polynesian (m) L
46. Alfheim: Elf (f) L
47. Rockhome: Dwarf (m) L
48. Northern Reaches: Viking L
49. Five Shires: Halfling (m) L
50. Minrothad: Sailor Wizard L
51. Orcs of Thar: Orc L
52. Darokin: Renaissance Merchant L
53. Ethengar: Mongol (m) L
54. Shadow Elf: Non-Shaman Shadow Elf (m) L
55. Atruaghin: American Indian (f) L
56. Serraine: Gnomish pilot L
58. Alphatia: Wizard with black hair and blue tinted skin L
59. Thyatis: Byzantine-Roman L

27. Magic library: Probably from Glantri G
28. Bad Place: From one of the places listed on that page. G
29. Minrothad/Shadow Elves: Side by side image of both of the capitol cities there. G
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More art! Bounty Hunter & Troubleshooter [Jul. 15th, 2016|01:55 pm]
I can almost see the end...
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Toa Makai for Mystara Handbook [Jul. 13th, 2016|02:51 am]
Decided to be brave, show a woman's nipple. Not in a sexy way, but in a 'enhances the feel of the kill' kinda way.
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2401-2425 [Jun. 22nd, 2016|09:19 pm]
2401. Just because there are no rules for the bec de corbin, doesn't mean they don't exist.
2402. No starting wars over the what's the best pole arm.
2403. Can't give a shout out in a ransom note.
2404. I can't bet Grazz't my soul in a showdown over a golden oboe.
2405. Cleaning out all eleven of the Caves of Chaos in a single night is not what they mean by a dungeon crawl.
2406. I can't save money on identify spells by just having random peasants do a blind taste test on these potions I found.
2407. I can't save points on learning a new language by just learning only the profanity.
2408. The advantage "Friends in High Places" cannot be represented by Johnny Walker Blue.
2409. My wish cannot include the words "and, additional, furthermore" or any synonyms thereof.
2410. Our posse can't resemble an 80's British glam band without an explanation.
2411. The most dangerous weapon is not an Upeo Wa Macho and her construction equipment.
2412. Yes, they are the perfect solution to all our deep one problems. No we can't have depth charges.
2413. The barbarian can still berserk even if he hasn't had his morning coffee.
2414. Offering to buy the hostage I just rescued a new arm is not sufficient enough of an apology.
2415. Vargyr do not have the flaw Ancestral Enemy: United States Postal Service.
2416. No convincing Rahasia he's just not that worth it.
2417. Bargle the Infamous is not under a "Protection from Continuity" spell.
2418. If the quest is to retrieve a magical genie bottle, no shaking it up before handing it back over.
2419. I am required to tell the DM if the secret villain of the adventure is revealed on the back synopsis of the module screen.
2420. You can't teach a parrot Power Word Kill.
2421. There is no danger from explosive decompression in teleporting a duergar directly to the surface.
2422. You better believe wearing a mu-mu to the coronation gets you searched for halflings.
2423. If the party is black tie only, that doesn't mean just painted on the power armor.
2424. Even if she is a soul sucking creature of unholy darkness, the cleric can't turn my ex-wife.
2425. My necromancer is not in charge of inhuman resources.
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Quinn's Nautical Emporium [May. 16th, 2016|11:08 pm]
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Black Eagle Machinations [May. 14th, 2016|12:38 pm]

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More selling stuff [May. 8th, 2016|10:07 am]

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Morgan Ironwolf, all leveled up [May. 5th, 2016|05:29 pm]

cover art for the handbook.
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More art for the art god! [May. 4th, 2016|01:21 pm]

Order of the Griffon, imagined as a hussar

Cleric of the Energy Domain

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Kagyar Cleric [Apr. 25th, 2016|01:39 am]

Latest art for Mystara Handbook. Dwarven cleric of Kagyar, patron of the dwarves. Typical dwarven deity, only with a heavy focus on anti-magic. Heavy armor, axe, and hammer proficiencies, loses turn undead while gaining ability to dispel magic and increase saving throws against magic.
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