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Sorting [Jul. 15th, 2016|02:05 pm]

The art is almost all paid for, so sorting what I have in what category.

75: Vikings being branded with rune

41. Great Markets: Busy merchant street, featuring both featured shops from handbook. G
30. Tavern: Rowdy party at a tavern.
83. Guildhouse Filler

44. Glantri: Spanish Elf, Renaissance Italian and French noble together (v) L
46. Alfheim: Elf (f) L
47. Rockhome: Dwarf (m) L
49. Five Shires: Halfling (m) L
51. Orcs of Thar: Orc L
52. Darokin: Renaissance Merchant L
53. Ethengar: Mongol (m) L
54. Shadow Elf: Non-Shaman Shadow Elf (m) L
56. Serraine: Gnomish pilot L
58. Alphatia: Wizard with black hair and blue tinted skin L

27. Magic library: Probably from Glantri G
28. Bad Place: From one of the places listed on that page. G

69.  Isle of Dread
70.  Isle of Dawn
72.  World Below