TheGlen (theglen) wrote,

Gestalt Movie Contest

Here's the latest, sorry it took so long these things are really hard to put together. For the new people, there are 4 characters listed. The actors that played those characters played in a movie together. From the characters listed, guess the movie. And of course, no IMDB, too easy.

1. Beerfest eris_kali

2. Ironman pjamesharvey

3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth II, Johnny Blaze, Chief Klough

4. Blazing Saddles bald_ruminant

5. Liar, Liar ryosake

6. The Patriot mela_chan

7. The Great Escape count_01

8. Princess Lily, Alan Dershowitz, D-Day, Guile

9. The Joker, The Sergeant, Genghis Khan, Juror #7

10. Airplane eris_kali

11. In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale jinxsa

12. Lancelot, Vic Mackey, Captain Bradford, Jimmy Jump

13. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ryosake

14. Lt. Cmdr. Philip Francis Queeg, Sir John Talbot, Joan of Arc, Hans Beckert

15. Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore, Hillary Whitney Essex, Guard Sally Bishop, Huston Dyer

16. Norman Bates, Jayne Cobb, Capt. Dennis Dearborn, Sergeant Major Frank Bougus

17. Dungeons and Dragons bald_ruminant

18. Swamp Thing, Sgt. Jack Colt, Henry VIII, Amanda Monroe

19. Silverado eris_kali

20. Cliff Vandercave, Sasha Hassler, FBI Special Agent Big Johnson, Mandy Murphy
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