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GES Violet

Found my notes from a very long time ago that I kept adding to over the years. Sci-fi universe where a science experiment to create genetical engineered soldiers went horribly wrong and they went rogue. Cue several wars later on an intergalactic scale and the GES are part of the galactic group of races serving as mercenaries, but still very much isolated from much of the universe. I'm writing down the notes I had so I can have them if I decide to do the anthology I was working on. The GES are divided into 7 groups of 15 each, along the colors of the spectrum. Violet was the only one designed by the GES proper and served on as support personnel on an exploration vessel that was crewed by all the races of the intergalactic federation.

1. Geist, designed for damage control. An optimistic yet extremely practical mind. Bonded with his assigned squad during the exploration phase, unusual for a GES to be close to aliens.

2. Spinal, the only one that could interface directly with the original ship's weapon systems and later the small Bifrost cruiser. Suspected to be absolutely insane because of his love of battle, to the point of once transferring power from life support to weapons.

3. Callisto, the engineer. A mathematical genius and one of the few female GES though all GES are thought to be sterile. She's capable of performing lightning-fast calculations to maximize power distribution. She's territorial of her station and likes to laugh at others not as smart as her in a weird off-putting manner.

4. Puller, the marine. A naturally created leader, he's considered the wingman to V5. While he's thorough and extremely professional, he's also loyal to a fault. Could be the leader of the group if he wanted it, but he prefers front line action.

5. Cassidy, the black op. The counterpart to V4, he's brash and reckless preferring instinct and shock tactics over tactics and planning. Always the first to volunteer he will often act without orders if he thinks he can catch the enemy by surprise.

6. Frost, artic ops. Designed to operate in freezing temperatures with little support, he's cocky and headstrong. He has a disdain for people unfamiliar with his element, preferring to show off and demonstrate how inferior they are to him.

7. Scout, recon specialist. Another female GES, also the shortest at only 5'5. She was designed to be slight to avoid detection. She's also one of the friendliest, making friends easily and across species. She shocked her alien friends when they discover she's still a hardened killer, just a perky one.

8. Zazz, the grenadier. Shows a bloodthirst that puts the others on edge. Known for shooting to wound to lure out medics or other support as well as enjoying the screams of the wounded. Has been adjusted more than once to reign in his sadistic streaks.

9. Temujin, the outrider. Only one of the two tandem designs in the GES. Temujin is bonded with an equine construct though not as efficiently as Rexx. Has a positive outlook during his downtime, but in combat is brutally efficient.

10. Bathory, the assassin. Considered the most attractive GES, she's also one of the most lethal. Can create a persona almost instantly, all the better to close on the target. Noone knows her true personality, as she prefers to keep everyone at arm's length.

11. Kilroy, hacker. Unrepentant prankster, likes to create chaos when he gets bored. Goes on unauthorized missions for practice, to see how much chaos he can sew before anyone knows he's gone. When not creating havoc is always upgrading his gear.

12. Pike, the mountaineer. Designed for survival in highly mountainous areas, Pike somehow developed a strong leadership streak. While not in any position of command, his confidence and his ability to think on his feet give his suggestions more weight.

13. Eve, the logistician. The techinical leader of Violet Squad. She is a complete ice queen, caring little for feelings and more about numbers. With an extremely high intelligence and a hypercritical eye, she is not afraid of pointing out people's failings.

14. Hayes, security. A quiet thinker and possibly the most observant member of the squad, Hayes is used often hired by other races to solve a mystery for them. The harder the mystery the happier he is, though he keeps his mood to himself always.

15. Rand, nuclear weapons. Deliberately designed to be the most ethical of any GES. Prefers to use conventional weapons, only goes to nuclear if commanded or absolutely necessary. Serves as a foil to the other more bloodthirst members of his squad. Slow to anger, as not to suddenly turn the area into a nuclear wasteland.
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