2501.  No summoning half a dozen shriekers into the fighter's room at 3 AM out of spite.

2502.  Can't take out the lich lord in one turn with a well placed gate to the Plane of Vacuum.

2503.  Even if my sidekick and I max out the artillery and forward observer skills, still have to leave some bad guys for the rest of the party.

2504.  Painting a flame job on the tortle isn't fooling anyone, especially him.

2505.  No combining the most lethal parts of the pogo stick and the slapchop.

2506.  We need to clarify all homonym definitions before meeting the royal court.

2507.  If my bard doesn't hurry up and learn another song other than Yakkity Sax the party is going to drown him.

2508.  If I'm to hide something, the best place to put it is not in the Player's Handbook index.

2509.  Can't excuse my crappy map making skills with just the words 'Not to Scale'

2510.  Michigan's Upper Peninsula does not have Wendigo Awareness Week in their schools.

2511.  No one is going to believe the smoking crater was caused by a warpick malfunction.

2512.  Constantly trying to disguise your name as an anagram is great if you're Elminster.  Bob, not so much.

2513.  The Harpo Marx mirror trick doesn't work on Imperial Stormtroopers.

2514.  Polearms don't have a self destruct mechanism.

2515.  I can only fit so many depth charges on the bass boat before the Coast Guard gets suspicious.

2516.  The gnome bar has a better selection than just 57 flavors of Zima.

2517.  Even if the gnome bar only has 57 flavors of Zima, venison is not one of them.

2518.  The best way to put out a fire is not to just reach relativistic speeds.

2519.  I don't get advantage to track elves because of the lingering smell of Vidal Sassoon.

2520.  At no point in the ritual do I get to ask Siri to read the rest of the exorcism for me.

2521.  Even if it's true, can't make more money in an X-Boat updating porn libraries than just delivering the mail.

2522.  Weaponsmithing of Mass Destruction is not a real skill.

2523.  Despite what the movie says, you actually have to spend XP to learn force powers.

2524.  No matter what the rules say, I can't suplex a bull.

2525.  I will stop putting all my Ogryn's XP into buying advanced mathematics skills.


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