TheGlen (theglen) wrote,

Oh where to begin...

How about last week? Been putting this off, been in a funk. So to cheer everybody else up, this is how my life continues to stay interesting.

Wednesday: Pulled crazy homeless lady off poor kid at gas station. She just wigged. Spit in his face, jumped on his back, took four men to pull her off. On the side of the freeway, so cops show up immediately. She was some white trash speedfreak from the looks of her, cops hauled her away, kid was shaken but ok. Feel sorry for the large black man that had put her in a full nelson till the cops got her. He actually had to hold on to her.

Thanksgiving was the typical Filipino/Jordanian Thanksgiving. Lots of really, really odd food combinations. Ever try deep fried curry turkey? It's an acquired taste, but really quite good. Cousin's newborn daughter took a shine to me. As in wouldn't let go. She gets pried away by doting relatives and she nearly takes my shirt off her grip is so good. And she keeps reaching back for me. Finally I had to go and the mother pries Emily off me. And she goes instant angry baby face. Usually I terrify small children. Ok, I usually terrify grown children too. Not this one. Must have liked the view.

Friday was the wonderful work day when they told us they are cutting hours and cancelling all bonuses for the season. Merry Fucking Christmas.

Saturday was Memoir 44 tourney. I couldn't stop rolling well. Or drawing well, or just doing everything right. I stomped the last guy in the tourney 12-2. Russian front scenarios, each round new scenario. And I just couldn't miss. I still don't have a clue what I did right.

Ebay auction for magic cards went for $175. Was expecting $500. A full set of the latest expansion went for $75. $250 power nine went for $100. Can't catch a break.

Surgery in March, keep you guys posted. Still no game out, latest guy to offer me money announced 'Just Kidding'. Just like the last five. This game is never going to hit.
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